Dr Shubha Phadke has an experience of 30 years in the field of clinical genetics and laboratory genetics. She runs the first DM in Medical Genetics program in India since 1996 and has contributed to the establishment of the specialty of Medical Genetics in India by training most of the medical geneticists [more than 40] in India. Her interests are pre and postnatal dysmorphology, genetic hematology, lysosomal storage disorders and she has 262 publications in national & international journals to her credit. She has reported 10 new syndromes and has identified causative gene 4 of them. ‘Genetics for Clinicians’ is the book written by her and has popularized genetics amongst clinicians. She is the founding president of Society for Indian Academy of Medical Genetics and founding editor of Genetics Clinics, a three monthly publication of SIAMG.

She is on the research committees of ICMR, DBT and on the editorial boards of renowned journals like American Journal of Medical Genetics, Medical Genetics & Genomic Medicine, etc. A two week long yearly training program for clinicians, ‘ICMR Course in Medical Genetics & Genetic Counseling’ is held regularly for last 16 years and has introduced more than 500 medical doctors to the fascinating world of medical genetics. She is recipient of prestigious awards like Hargobind Foundation Fellowship [1994], International Scholarship of Clinical Genetics Society of UK [2009] and Dr I C Verma Outstanding Researcher Award [2016]. Dr Phadke has established Newborn Screening Program for Uttar Pradesh funded by National Health Mission and is successfully running since 2015. Dr Phadke is involved actively with the activities of patient support groups for thalassemia, hemophilia, Down syndrome and rare diseases.