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6th National Conference of ISIEM - 2021
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In-born errors of metabolism are increasingly being recognized as important causes of disease in India. Facilities for diagnosis and management are inadequate. There was a need to form the society to increase awareness among the Doctors, health care providers, public and administrators about these disorders. Most of them can be treated and children made to grow and develop normally if diagnosis is made early.


With this background, the Indian society for inborn errors in metabolism was conceived during the first International conference on Inborn Errors of Metabolism, held at New Delhi in October 2005. The ISIEM started with 21 founding members under the leadership of Dr I C Verma and Dr Radha Rama Devi. Dr I C Verma was the first president of the ISIEM. The society was registered under the Registration of Societies Act of 1860, on the 23rd of August, 2012 with 13 executive members belonging to 8 states of India.


Since then, the Society membership has been increasing with a current membership of 71, including 3 NRI members. The society has held regular conferences to promote the mission of spreading awareness and educating the health professionals. So far, 5 conferences have been held including the premiere conference in 2005. The last was held at Pune, in January 2019 that witnessed an attendance of over 400 delegates.


The society has welcomed the participation of all health professionals, as well as scientists and nutritionists working in the field. Our mission is to create awareness and continue educating the professionals and help in bringing treatments to the needy in our country.